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Ginger and Lime Food Studio

Cape Town, South Africa

6.0 Average rating (5 Reviews)

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Your chef Denise Levy

Joined since Sep, 2017

Join Denise Levy and her team in the Ginger and Lime kitchen. Home to owner Denise, you are welcomed into the fun, bonding and learning that happens when people cook together.



No events currently hosted by this chef.

5 Reviews

Benike Palfi
18 Oct 2017

Loved it. Great food. Great vibe. All-round awesomeness.

Fria Hiemstra
18 Oct 2017

The food was absolutely delectable and Denise and Almo and the rest of the team were so entertaining and helpful. Everybody at the dinner were clearly having a lot of fun, because at times the kitchen was quite noisy! The ingredients were fresh and bright and the menu exquisitely put together.

Dale Leisegang
18 Oct 2017

What an incredible evening at the beautiful home of Denise in Fresnaye! We learnt how to prepare simple, delicious food with a wonderful group of about 20 people! I loved how you could get involved in helping with the cooking or just sit back, relax and watch over a glass of fine wine!

Sharon Mkumbuzi
08 Nov 2017

Lovely fresh flavours of Thailand and amazing company!

Nolan Beudeker
13 Dec 2017

I haven't had this much fun in a long time! Denise and team were outstanding, the company was delightful, and the food sublime.